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Welcome to Raga One

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I would like to personally welcome you to this website, where I share my personal experiences and know-how on Hindustani Classical Music (HCM). I welcome those that have absolutely no understanding of HCM or Qawwali, as well as those of you who have tried many many times to learn Hindustani Classical Music but simply got stuck in the process. Let’s learn this fantastic form of music together, a form of music that has been mentioned in many folklore and revered by an immense number of sages.

Adam Gheli

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Hidustani Classical Music

Most of us can agree on the common premise below,

Common, but a false premise that Hindustani Classical Music (HCM) is not only extremely difficult to learn, but also nearly impossible to master. The common assumption is that Raga music is only studied by very high level musicians and not by average individuals that we meet day to day. The common premise, assumption, guess, and conjecture is exactly that… COMMON, and not worth your time nor attention.

The fact is that there are many individuals in our society that take practical action to learn any kind of music. And only those that have tried will know if they’re any good at it, right from the start. Or if they need more practice to be able to enjoy their own music. Remember, music is for the self. Only if the musician is satisfied with their own music, whether it’s vocal or instrumental is there even any talk of public performance. We need to engrain the idea that what the performer hears is what matters primarily. When the audience starts to matter, that leads to a bit of ego play.

If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.

-Groucho Marx


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