7 Law of Music – Sapt Addhya

7 Law of Music - Sapt Addhya
Kanhaiya Tohay Yaad Hai Puri Hamari

The HCM adheres to the 7 basic law of music. Each rule is extremely detailed. Here today, I’m simply going to list each law of music with it’s short description for you to get a sense of these rules. However, at a later date, I’m going write separate post detailing each law of music with it’s full set of intricacies.

So lets begin…

Law of Music Runner Up!

1. Sur Addhya – Law of Sur

HCM is specifically based on Sur and Taal. But the law itself dives into not just Sur and Taal, but also:

  • Specific Qualities of Each Sur
  • Division and Separation of Tones
  • Significance of Saptak
  • Gliding of Tones Known as Murchana
  • Agreeable and Disagreeable Tones
  • Finally, Ocean of Taan

2. Raag Addhya – Law of Bandish

Raag and Bandish simply go hand in hand. This particular law of music digs into:

  • Classifying Bandish
  • Genres of Singing
  • Making of a Musician
  • Classifications of Vocals
  • Vocals Deficiencies
  • Details on Raag

3. Taal Addhya – Law of Time

This law of music is one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle. You can have a great tune, but without the proper timings, it won’t be so great.

4. Ast Addhya – Law of Instruments

The highest form of musical instrument cannot be anything but the human voice. However, this law deals with:

  • Categories of Musical Instruments
  • And Details of Various Instruments

5. Nirt Addhya – Law of Dancing

I won’t be going into this and the following laws much since I’ve not much knowledge of these arts. I do however acknowledge my ignorance and have great respect for those that pursue this form of art. Respects!

6. Bhai  Addhya – Law of Actions

This law if very much tied to Nirth Addhya and usually, they both go hand in hand.

7. Arth Addhya – Law of Listening

Simply stated, most of your learning in long term will come listening to music than anything you will ever read. This rule establishes the importance of comprehending what you hear in terms of Raag and Taal.

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