Learn Late Afternoon Raag Poorvi

Raag Poorvi Specs:

Thaat: Poorvi
Aarohi: 'N r G M d N S'
Amrohi: S' N d P M G m r---M G r S
Vadi: G
Samvadi: N
Pakard: 'N r G; r G M P; P M; G m r G; r M G; d M G; G r S;
Time: 3 pm – 6 pm
Zaat: Shadav – Sampuran

Poorvi is setup for evening time, just as the sun sets, when you mildly see dark purple in the sky. And when the light of the sun, the glow, the yellowness in the sky no longer is visible. Poorvi very closely resembles Raag Puriya Dhanashri but Chaal or the way it moves is much different.

Karuna Suno Shyam Mori Tori Jai Jai Kartaar
Kitne Dino Ke Baad Dhru-Pad in Poorvi

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