Learn Late Evening Raag Desh

Raag Desh Specs:

Thaat: Khammaj
Aarohi: 'N S R m P N S'
Amrohi: S' n D P m G R G S
Vadi: R
Samvadi: P
Pakard: PDNS; NSRmGR; RmPn-DPDmGR; RPmGR; G 'N S;
Time: 6 pm – 9 pm
Zaat: Audav – Sampuran

One out of every four Bhajan will likely be in Desh. Why, you ask? It’s just one of those things that happens. Raag Desh is literally iconic in it’s use in Bhajan and Patriotic songs. Only 5 notes going up, and all seven coming down. N is used in Arohi and n is used in Amrohi. There’s no bewilderment in identifying Desh. It’s unmistakable when it leaps from R to m, and then again from P to N.

My own first exposure to Desh came with reciting Bhajan from Surdas as well as Kabir Das. Desh is as much part of Bhajan as Manjeera, the little finger cymbals.

I haven’t personally come across much in terms of the history of Raag Desh. My assumption is that due to it’s simplicity, probably a very ancient, music scale of the past.

Aji Rooth Kar Ab Kahan Jaiyega

Bekasi Had Se Jab Guzar Jaye

Chadaria Jhini Re Jhini

Dil Ne Kaha Chupke Se

Door Koi Gaye Dhun Ye Sunaye

Gori Tore Naina Naina Kajar Bin Kare Kare

Hum Tere Pyar Mein Sara Alam Kho Baithe

Kadam Chale Aage

Mere Pyar Mein Tujhe Kya Mila

Om Jai Jagdish Hare

Phir Kahin Koi Phool Khila

Vande Maataram

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