Learn Midnight Raag Durga

Raag Durga Specs:

Thaat: Bilaval
Aarohi: S R m P D S'
Amrohi: S' D P m R S
Vadi: D
Samvadi: R
Pakard: S R P; m P D; m R; R 'D S
Time: 9 pm – 12 am
Zaat: Audav – Audav

Raag Durga is not unique in its Audav Zaat, and it is one of the most undiscovered of the 5 Sur Audav Raag. In its class of Raag, it is far less known than Raag Malkauns, Raag Bhopali, Deshkaar, Raag Vibhaas, Raag Shivranjini, Raag Hansdhwani, Raag Hindol, Raag Abhogi, etc… That said, as you well know in life; not everything that is good is also popular. Durga is pretty strict in it’s abstinence of Gandhaar and Nikhaad. And usually gives a delicate and crafty touch to Dhaivat or D.

What I find different is Durga is that unlike Raag Malkauns, Raag Durga maintains a sense of simplicity. It seems less artsy but touches the heart at a very deep human level. The emotions that I gather from it are Love and Motivation. But when I say Love, I mean happy love; not the sad love of longing. With some work on its Bandish, it can give off a “Can Do” vibe to a listener.

I really have no base for it’s history. Although, some believe it comes from South India. But a Raag so simple and honest cannot come from just one single culture. Various similar penta-tonic scales are found all over the world including Far East Asia. What’s important is NOT where it comes from but how do we embrace it, now that it’s here…With Us?

Here is what I’m willing to presume about Raag Durga. It’s named after the great Hindu Goddess, Mother Durga. We can stereotype Raag Durga to have similar qualities as the Goddess. Well, what do we know about the Goddess Durga? We know that she is known by many names including Dayani, Kali, Shakti Shalini, Ma Anna Purna, Bhavani, etc…Which all point to the fact that she’s known to be a Protector, Demon Slayer, Provider of Abundance, and so on. When her Raag is sung, it’s probably full of content. Not just, “Hey I’m so happy with my new BMW”….but more in terms of a person being truly content when themselves, their past, and content in embracing the unknown future, whatever that maybe. Content with their environment, people they associate with, people they love, and people that don’t love them back. To me, Raag Durga is Raag of Contentment.

Chanda Re Mori Patiya Le Ja

Durga by Malini Rajurkar

Geet Gaya Pattharo Ne

Jo Keh Kar Halay Dil by Fariha Pervaiz

Kar Ha Kari Dharila

Sakhi Mori Rumjhum by Chatura Sughara

Sakhi Mori Rumjhum by RagaLabs Detroit

Sakhi Mori Rumjhum by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan

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