Learn Early Morning Raag Ahir Bhairo

Raag Ahir Bhairo Specs:

Thaat: Bhairo
Aarohi: S r G m P D n S'
Amrohi: S' n D P m G r S
Vadi: m
Samvadi: S
Pakard: pdns; m; pg; mr; s;
Pakard2: S; r G m; G m r; 'n 'D; 'n r S
Time: 6 am – 9 am
Zaat: Sampuran – Sampuran

As I mentioned in my Raag Bhairo guide, I’ll mention again…Ahir Bhairo and Ahir Bhairav is the same Raag that people tend to pronounce with slightly different accent depending on where they’re from. Both are correct.

As you can see from the Arohi and Amrohi, it is very close to Raag Bhairo as well as Raag Kafi. However, the minor changes that are found in Ahir Bhairo gives it a unique flavor of auditory senses. Where Bhairo is a very sad Raag, and Kafi is a very sweet Raag, Ahir Bhairo, takes the best parts of both and recreates a blend of Sweet Sorrow and one of Longing.

Since, my ear was so familiar with both Kafi and Bhairo, it took a while to get familiar with Ahir Bhairo. While singing the Arohi and Amrohi, my vocal muscle memory leaned towards Bhairo automatically. A hard habit to break to say the least.

There are few things to keep in mind about Ahir Bhairo. For one, S and P are mostly ignored in Arohi. The Amrohi can be Sapat, but often expressed as S' n D P m, G m Gr ~S. Notice the little ~ symbol. It’s there to signify how the Sur will meend from m to r, while touching G…and finally rest with S.

I haven’t personally come across much in terms of the history of Ahir Bhairo. My assumption is that it’s not a very old historic Raag. It maybe something that was created in the last few 100 or so years ago.

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